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Add a touch of authenticity to your business meetings.

Business meetings done differently

In Lanaudière, every destination is suitable for a gathering: we have modern conference rooms, vacation centres in the heart of nature, country-style restaurants, mountainside cottages, urban hotel complexes, and more. Friendly Lanaudière offers a wide range of settings that foster interaction and creativity.

Choose Lanaudière for your business meetings

Swap the office for picturesque Lanaudière! Far from the daily grind and stress of traffic, your teams will appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of our region. Lanaudière’s distinctive touch: the hospitality and authenticity of our human-scale businesses. Whether casual or formal, your meeting will take place in a hassle-free setting where everything is designed to help you focus on your objectives.
In a chic setting alongside a river, a cottage nestled deep in a 100-year-old forest or a fully equipped multipurpose room—whatever your location, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to mix business with pleasure by enjoying a variety of outdoor activities nearby.

Discover Lanaudière’s conference rooms

Lanaudière abounds in tourist sites for hosting your business meetings. The proximity of nature will stimulate the creativity you need to be productive and achieve your aims. In between meetings, there’s always a pleasant environment to enjoy a walk in the fresh air and sharpen up that concentration!

Our suggestions of places for your meeting

Renowned for its country-style restaurants and multitude of local products, Lanaudière will satisfy all your senses. Experience it all—taste the freshness of local products, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the calming sound of the wind rustling the leaves. Your business meetings will take on a whole new meaning in Lanaudière.

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