Team building

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Strengthen ties between team members in the heart of nature in Lanaudière.

Activity ideas for business teams

Tackling challenges with coworkers creates lasting bonds. Opt for the great outdoors: on the water, deep in the forest or on a mountaintop. Enjoy a meal you’ve prepared as a group. Share your living space in unique accommodations. Set out on an adventure and let Lanaudière bring you together!

Plan your team building activities in Lanaudière

Team building activities and “experience lodging” will allow participants to push themselves harder, work as a team and tackle challenges. Collaboration will strengthen your bonds. And, as well as experiencing the benefits of nature and fresh air, you’ll enjoy a fun and memorable adventure.
A team-building activity set in an outstanding Lanaudière location promotes communication, a culture of helping and a sense of belonging. You’ll push your boundaries as you get to know each other better. You’ll escape the routine and daily concerns of work. Above all, you’ll experience the joys of playing outside together!
Two people on a rock wall in Arbraska

Accommodations designed to host business teams

After a full day of challenges, there’s nothing like relaxing in a peaceful, comfortable environment. Lanaudière’s accommodations offer a perfect haven in which to unwind.
Coworkers can relax around a fireplace or on a sunny patio, share a meal in a common kitchen, chat about the day’s highlights or play a board game. It’s the perfect setting to forge ties when evening comes. Whether you’re staying in a lodge, at a cottage, in a tent or in a rustic cabin, you’ll enjoy some truly memorable times together.

Our suggestions of places for your team building

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